Women's Sugaring Services

Looking to get snatched for your next event? Queen Sugar Studio guarantees exceptional services at jaw-dropping rates! Our highly qualified artisans are fully equipped to provide you with professional services. Come by today or schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We’re here for you.


Full Body Brazilian w/ SUGAR


Full body wax includes Upper Lip, Underarms, Brazilian Wax, Full legs; 45 minute service


Brazilian SUGAR


Full Brazilian (front and back); 25 minute service


"Please leave the Butt" SUGAR


Deep bikini, leaving the labia alone; 20 minute service


"Leave the Lips" SUGAR


Deep bikini, leaving the labia alone; 20 minute service


"Just the Sides" SUGAR


Bikini sugar: Sides of the bikini (2 fingers in) and top. Perfect for bikini swimsuit; 15 minute service


Full Face & Eyebrows SUGAR


Full face and eyebrows with soft wax; 20 minute service


Full Face SUGAR


Sugaring the cheeks, sideburns, chin, and upper lip; 20 minute service


Mini Face SUGAR


Cheeks and sideburns with sugar; 15 minute service


Lower Back SUGAR


Lower back sugaring; 15 minute service


"Just the Butt" SUGAR


Rear-end sugaring; 10 minute service


Buttocks SUGAR


Full butt cheeks sugaring; 10 minute service


Underarm SUGAR


Underarm sugaring; 10 minute service


Eyebrow Cleanup SUGAR


Cleaning up the shape you have with sugaring; 20 minute service


Areola SUGAR


Removing hair around the nipple with Sugaring; 5 minute service




Chin waxing with sugaring; 5 minute service


Sideburns SUGAR


Sideburns sugaring; 30 minute service


Upper Lips SUGAR


Upper lip sugaring; 5 minute service