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Everything you need to know about services and products.

FAQ 1. If I shaved recently, can I still get waxed?

Answer: Please allow up to two weeks of growth before scheduling, so that we can get as any hairs as possible.

FAQ 2. Can I shave in-between waxes?

Answer: It is imperative to wait the 4-6 weeks for your waxes, shaving will basically start your process over.

FAQ 3. Is there anything that I may be allergic to in the body and lip polish?

Answer: Olive and Avocado oil are used in the body scrub, jojoba oil is used in the lip scrub. There may also be reactions to the plant based food coloring, because it is derived from vegetables/powders, such as beets, spirulina powder, grape juice color, and paprika.

FAQ 4. Why does my Lip/Body polish color look different from the picture?

Answer: Colors WILL vary. The plant based food coloring are not true dyes so with the oil and sugars it will change. We try to make them as cute as possible :)

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