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Who are we?

"At Queen Sugar, we treat every customer like family."

Morgan T. Black founded Queen Sugar Waxing Studio in 2018. Since its inception, Queen Sugar has grown to become the most prominent mobile waxing & sugaring studio in Metro Atlanta. At Queen Sugar, we guarantee quality and professionalism to all of our customers.

A licensed esthetician since 2017,  Morgie has been recognized as a top waxing and sugaring expert amongst all hair removal artisans in Atlanta. Over the years, she has continued her commitment to making our devoted customers look stunning and feeling their best. Morgan believes that all customers should be treated with respect and dignity. Her aim is to treat every customer like family and to bring a comforting hair removal experience to any environment.

All of the products used at Queen Sugar are naturally curated with our own hands in our studio. Whether you’re a first time customer, VIP, or loyal regular, know that each service is performed with new products each appointment; we sanitize every tool, and we replace our linens with fresh linens after every appointment. Safety and cleanliness are of the utmost priority at Queen Sugar.

Contact us and see what our team of qualified artisans have to offer you today!

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